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Some of the most recent camper changes we are excited about:

All new Four Wheel Campers are now coming with an upgraded 3″ high density foam mattress for the cabover bed. We have been listening to our customers, and the over-all feedback was that the  4″ mattresses we used before was just too firm. The new 3″ bed mattress is a slightly higher quality foam, 3″ thick, and just a little softer to give you a better nights sleep. The thinner mattress also allows for a little extra room in the cabover bed area to store some bedding (blankets, sheets, etc.).

We are using a new material for the soft sides (pop-up) portion of the camper. It is a very durable, totally water-proof vinyl and comes with a 5 year warranty. Most customers can usually expect to get around 15 + years of good life out of the soft sided portion on their camper.

New Cabinet Latches. We are now using upgraded cabinet latches that offer more of a positive lock. These new latches will keep the cabinets better secured for off road travels.

We have upgraded the camper electrical system with more of a marine grade quality product that is manufactured by Blue Sea Systems.

All of the new campers are now being built with composite folding lift panels (replacing the older wooden folding lift panels). These new panel are expected to last longer over the years.

The new swivel dining table is now a standard feature when the customer orders the upgrade ”Side Dinette” seating or the “Front Dinette” seating on their new camper.

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